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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey again team...

     Hey people of my blog, I did not buy any floral fabric for my Easter dress.... For this I am dearly sorry, but I did decide to make a different dress.  The picture is of the fabric I plan on using for the main part and the accents.  I seem to say fabric a lot.  It is not a very pretty word....  If you like that fabric please tell me! Unless I continue to have zero followers.  Then I will be sad.  
     Anyway, today I wore my cheetah print shirt.  I love it!  Maybe I should post a picture of it for you to enjoy.  Eh, I will later, I don't like uploading pictures and I already have once today. 
     Well, I am going to go act like a hermit crab now.  I will miss you all unbearably.  

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