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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I now say "Hello!"

Hello!  This is my design blog, I will design things (mostly articles of clothing) then proceed to blog about them, with pictures I hope.  I will try my very hardest to post every day.  I was thinking I would do themes, themes like punk, or caveman.  If you are my follower feel free to tell me what themes... I will now begin!

I have been making things for a few months now, I began because I found cheetah print spandex.  Yes, I just said that cheetah print spandex is my inspiration.  Anyway, I have made a whole bunch of things since then, I will not bore you with a list.  List's are boring.  On Monday and Tuesday I created some pants.  They are army green and some of the comfiest pants ever!  Then, on Wednesday I made a shirt, it is navy blue and is made out of that stuff found on the cuffs of sweatshirts.  (It's the one I am wearing in the picture. Hehe, I look silly in it!) After it was basically finished I decided that it was to bland, so a made a lovely ruffly whit belt.  Then, I wear the shirt + belt combination to school and a couple certain someones say it is ugly... poo poo to them! 

I am going to make an Easter dress next.  I was thinking an empire waisted mixed floral knee length dress.  I would ask your opinion, but seeing as how I have no followers, I can't.  

I am going to go do something that is not this now, Pizazz!

P.S. Is this to hard to read? Should I have a solid color in the background?


  1. It tis Kinda hard to read, but anyone that isn't dyslexic shall manage

  2. I think it is kinda hard to read, I mean you just have to only read in one place where it doesn't change and it bugs me. SO yes, change to a solid. But a pretty solid. :)

  3. Hmm... what about the stuff up there that is bolded? is that easier?