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Monday, April 4, 2011


     Hello everybody! All six of you are awesome!  Alright, today I am going to write about skirts.  I just had to clarify that, just in case the title got you all confused.  I was also thinking about switching from an Easter dress to an Easter skirt.  Anyway, I have made four skirts that are actually cute, today I will show you the high-waisted ones. 

     <--- This one is my second favorite.  It is nice and blue and there are a whole bunch of little shapes in it.  They are circles, squares and triangles and it is super fun to find faces in them.  This skirt was previously my trek skirt.  I modified it slightly.  I hope you could tell, because a couple people thought that I wore it like that for trek.  Anywho, it was super easy to make and entirely free! Plus, it was recycled.  Haha, Emma Rose goes green!
     That one down there is my favorite skirt like ever.  It is  a black and white striped pencil skirt that was previously a bed sheet.  My Mother used part of the sheet for my little brothers fort.  Then I found it! I got super excited and made that skirt, some shorts and a satchel.  Yes, I believe that satchel is the correct word for it I shall post a picture of it, later. 

    I have decided to make a skirt in the next couple of days to go along with the lovely theme of skirts.  I will post it in a couple of days, after I post my low skirts tomorrow.  Love you all!  (Yay! I can say that now!)  

     P.S.  GO AMANDA (my newest follower)! YOU GET A SQUIGGLE. ~


  1. You should make me a skirt for my birthday.

  2. I thought you wanted books for your birthday! and what kind of skirt?

  3. I like the striped one. A lot. You should make me one too!