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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Look! It's hair!

     Hey my peoples!   This morning I completed some flowers so I decided to show them to you these lovely flowers!   This orange-y one is a bunch of fake flowers pulled apart and then put back together with a brad.   The other three are long strips of fabric gathered into a circle and sewed in together.   These flowers are super easy, pretty cheap and I find them fun.   I also found that I just sound like a advertisement right there.   They also make my hair look nice. 
     Anyway, once again I have made absolutely no head way with my dress.  I will work on it really hard tomorrow so that it will actually be finished in time.  I will now leave you to enjoy the artistic arrangement of pictures of my head.  Näkemiin (that means goodbye in Finnish).


  1. I made a ton of those fake flower hair pins for all my nieces for Christmas last year. I agree. It was a lot of fun, as long as you don't burn your fingers fifty billion times with the hot glue.

  2. Aww poor Lauren, it does hurt a ton...