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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grr... Patterns

     Alright everybody! I forgot to say this in the last post, but I went to Hobby Lobby again today, and I bought all the fabric necessary to make one dress, and one skirt! The dress (right) is an adorable dress with an apron in front! It is kind of a weird idea, but I think that I can make it look super cute! It will be about knee length and I think this will be my official Easter dress!

     P.S.  The floral would be the apron and the green would be the dress.  It should be finished in a week.

      The one on the left is going to be a skirt, its picture is the one closer to this writing on the pattern.  The lacy stuff you can barely see is going to be on the bottom and the rickrack is going to accent the pockets.  I think that this is going to be super duper cute.

     I have to go now because Mikenna (my little brothers betrothed) is telling me to get off so she can go to bed.  So good bye again.  Tell me how you like my fabric choices! If you hate them that is just to bad for you because I can't take them back!

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