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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pants... and Global Warming.

      Hello my lovely followers, I am sorry I have not posted in a couple days, our "cousins" (they actually have no relation to us, whatsoever) have been here and I have been busy.  Also, these were supposed to be shorts days, but it is snowing.  Right now.... So here are some beautiful pictures of my pants.  They are awesomely green and comfy.  There are also two pictures of it because I was not sure if the first one worked out. So, to the right you see all of me.  And down there you see my pants.  They are really quite nice.  Now, I am rambling.  Why am I rambling?  Because I am crazy tired.  I plan on sleeping a lot this coming week though because it is spring break.  It is also snowing.  Why is this happening?  Well, because of global warming.  Because global warming is the cause of all weather irregularities.

     If you look closely at my wrist in the picture to the right, you will see a band-aid.  Under this band-aid is a nasty burn.  It used to have a blister on it, then the blister ripped, then my Father cruelly ripped off the skin that was previously my blister.  I just had to complain about that to somebody.  I am sorry if it disgusted you. 

     Monday I will start shorts.  I promise I will be much better at blogging next week, because I really was horrible this week. 

     I will miss you, minions, farewell. 

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