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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lovely Torture

     Heyo, my minions! I have been very busy lately, that is because I am on spring break, I do not know if I mentioned that.  This is why I have not been posting everyday.  
     Anyway, between last post and this post I went to Wally World, bought thread, and cut out every piece I will need for my dress and my skirt.  I hate patterns.  HATE!  But the torturous part is now over and I just have to sew them together!  That is my favorite part.  The picture you see (right, in case you thought it was the other one) is all the pattern pieces artfully arranged in a collage of past torture, future items of clothing (in case you didn't get that last part.  Just thought I would make sure).
     I will now exit this website.  Adieu kind posse.

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