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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


     Alright minions! Today I show you low skirts. They are not nearly as cute as the high ones...

     <--- This is like the super cutest low skirt ever.  My Mommy said that it would look like a tablecloth... I don't think it does do you?  Anyway, it is slightly too short but I have no idea how to lengthen it without decutefying it.  Who says I make it into skort!  Then I could be like an elementary school child again!
     Now, below is my much less attractive, super easy skirt.  It is just elastic.  It cost one dollar.  This makes it the most expensive item of clothing on the entire page.  I enjoyed making it though, it was like sew... sew... measure... sew... try on... done!  So, although it is the most expensive thing on this page thus far, it was by far the easiest thing.  
      The shirt and necklace are hand me downs (very, very good way to get clothing, by the way.)  The way I put them on made me happy, so I did a close up of my face.  It was much like giving myself a glamor shot.  I had a very hard time making it work right, and not look like I was taking the picture myself, because taking glamor shots yourself is a very cliche teenage girl thing to do.  As you may know, that is not what I like to do.

    Farewell my lovelies.  I am going to Hobby Lobby.  



  1. Cute blog! Although it doesn't say I'm a follower, I am secretly following your blog. I'm excited to see you in just a couple months!

  2. Oh, and change the background! I can hardly read it. I think you can make is so that just the middle is a solid color. Either that or make or font bigger. Or you can do nothing and I'll just keep highlighting it so that I can read it.

    Love you!

  3. Niall: Etcetera can be one or two words.
    Lauren: Thank you, and I just did!