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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


     This marvelous little skirt is not entirely homemade, and it is not entirely a skirt!  It is technically a skooter, however, it is more commonly known as a skort.  Meaning it has a lovely pair of shorts attached!  You see, I made some white shorts a while ago and they are super see through!  So I do not like to wear them.  

     The skirt itself is actually a shirt I bought last week, the pocket is the top of it, I cut it off then made an adorable pocket!  It was much fun, much much fun.  It didn't even require a pattern! 

     Anyway, I did not do anything with my dress, sorry, my Mother is getting annoyed at me about it.  But fear not!  It will be finished in time!

     Love you, my peeps.  See you tomorrow!

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