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Saturday, April 2, 2011


     Hey nobody, I went fabric shopping just now.  I decided that Walmart has a horrible selection of overpriced fabrics.  There were a few that were super cute, but they were cotton, and if I am going to make a dress I need something floppier then cotton.  So I ended up not getting any fabric.  I also didn't make anything because I was busy all day. 

     So farewell my blog people, see you tomorrow, or maybe Monday if I decide to skip Sundays.

     P.S. This looks like a super short post, It actually is not much shorter then any of my other posts, but there is no picture because I have absolutely nothing to show you today.  Dearly sorry my peeps.  Adieu. 


  1. Emma.
    Will you help me make clothes? I really want to, and I'm getting sick of trying to find things in stores that will fit me. So this summer, let's make some stuff, okay? And your blue shirt looks lovely! Whoever called it ugly is D-U-M-B.

  2. HAHA Cody and Courtney said the belt was ugly, which makes no sense because it is just white, how can white be ugly?
    I would love to help you! It would be a sweet excuse to hang out all summer!