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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chubby Dress!

      Alrighty, my lovelys, I worked on my dress!  As it turns out it is a very chubby dress, that is it all splayed out on my living room floor (to the other left)!  It kinda gives you a feel of how wide it is, eh? So the floral over thing is actually an apron, it is connected, but only at the top.  

     It is extremely flowy and I will have to take it in a little bit so that I do not look crazyly chubby in it.  But I will finish it later tonight so that I can wear it for my Easter dress.  

     Monday I will show you my finished dress, I will also begin showing you the shirts I have made over my sewing sprees.  There is a lot of variety through them.  I was also thinking about making some stuff with duck tape.  What say you? 

     Paalam (that is farewell in Filipino), I'll post again soon!

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  1. OMG!!! YOU LOOK TOTES SMEXIII! WHO TAKES ALL THESE FAB PIXXXXXX?!??!?!?!?????!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!?????