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Monday, April 18, 2011

It is frilly!

     Alright my peeps, sorry that I have not posted in a while, it was Spring Break (I probably said that already) and I was busy.  But I did create this beautiful skirt!  It is frilly, in case you did not get that from the title!  Anyway, it is one of the two things I was making from all those pattern pieces from last post (did I tell you I freaking hate patterns?)  I do really like this skirt though, cause it has POCKETS!!!  If you don't know, pockets are what makes skirts cool.  Officially making this skirt cool.  

     I have also been working on the Easter dress, however it is super a lot harder then I usually do.  So that should take a couple to a few more days.  But, in case you are wondering, I am nearly done with the front of the bodice.  After I finish the bodice it should go a lot faster though.  The rest of it is not hard. 

     I now bid adieu.  Farewell... in French.  Have a good life.

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