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Saturday, May 28, 2011

My New Fashion Icon

     Hey Cuties!  Today I am posting what I meant to post yesterday but then I got all busy and had to babysit then go to a party so I didn't really have a chance to.  It is a Hot Wheel.  On a chain.  Colored with Sharpies.  
     I decided to make this because I found a fantastic picture of a necklace that looked basically exactly the same except was designer, so it was about three hundred dollars more expensive then this.  This, of course, was entirely free.  Meaning I found the chain, car, and loop in my basement.  Then I hot glued the loop onto the car and wore it to school the next day.  While at school I colored it.  Super easy. 
     You are now probably wondering why there is a picture of my brother looking basically completely insane.  Well, it is because yesterday Niall got his wisdom teeth out and my Dad took this picture of him like right after he got home.  So I went and asked him if I was allowed to post it and he asked me when that picture had been taken.  My mom was there and said something like 'five minutes ago Dad took it of you, do you not remember?'  It turned out Niall did not remember, but he said I could post it.  So now he is being posted as my new fashion icon.
     Anyway, my mom is bugging me to go clean my sewing room.  So I should probably go do that.  Farwell, ไอคอนแฟชั่นใหม่ของฉัน, I will miss you all, I'll post more later. 

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