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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I look like a CAVEMAN!

     Heyo cuties, I am posting again! *gasp*  I am just on a roll! 

     So, now that I am posting again you should probably know that this gray over thing on top of my orange shirt is what I made.  I got this idea from those silly really wide sleeved shirts that are available in abundance at Forever 21.  As it turns out they look fantastic on me, so I tried to make one... then I got mad at one of the sleeves, so I chopped it!  That is the product of my sweet scissor work.

     I enjoy it!

     If you don't that's cool.  You could tell me below if you discover you like it... or you don't like it... or you like me... or you just want to practice your typing....

     Well, gotta keep this short and sweet.  Au revoir my dearies. 

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