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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


     Sup my chillin's?  I am in the middle of making a perdy shirt! It has taken me like two days so far! I am making such great progress. I should be done sometime next in early next week. 

     Anywho, there is a picture of it right there.  (if you don't know which picture I am talking about please tell me how many pictures you see in this post.)  I got the idea of this one when I was watching Suite Life On Deck... who says watching TV is unproductive!?  The shirt is kind of like on that London wheres in one of the episodes.  It is kind of lopsided still.  But I will fix that! Even though it is not broken....

     Do you have fun reading all my ramblings?  Do you even read them?  Does anyone even read this anymore!?

     Anyway, I have to go pretend like I am going to bed now so I don't get in trouble.  Voraussetzung, I shall post again tomorrow!


  1. Hahah!!
    I like your face in this photograph,
    It's a very lovely face :)

  2. Are you implying that my face is not always lovely!?