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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Lovely Skirt

     Hey my beautiful minions! I am now trying to redeem myself for being a horrible blogger.

     This is a marvelous picture of Vanessa (it's auto corrected!).  In this picture is a nice pretty skirt that I made her.  The skirt is basically awesome.  She wanted me to make her one when I wore my blue skirt (the one in "Squiggles and Bubbles").  So I made her this one. 

     Anyway, I found some fantastic red fabric and I am going to go make something out of it.  So lates, einen schönen Schürze (that was German, because Vanessa is German!). 

     P.S.  If you want me to make you a skirt I will make you one, you would just have to tell me you want one, then buy some fabric (I'll tell you how much) then I will custom make it for you and then you can give me some money if you think I did well!  (Gee thanks Vanessa! Except I never told you that.  So I guess I can't be "mad")


  1. Wait, are you expecting money from me? Gees, I bought you the fabric!

    Jk. I'll give you something speshal... :)

  2. speshal? Like your spelling? Or like cool?