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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Questions! Answers! Win!

     Alrighty persons, there was something totally messed with my last post... but guess what! It's twofer day!!! (Twofer is actually a word!  Weird right!?)  

     Anyway, I am taking my driving test tomorrow at six in the morning, just thought I would throw that out there...

     New line!  I made this adorable yellow thing like forever ago, but it felt left out, so here it is!  A lovely gingham cropped shirt!  I just decided I really like this shirt!  It also happens to have floral sleeves, did I mention that?  Answer: No.  It also looks nice with orange, just throwing that out there!

     I love you all! I will type some more tomorrow!  Maswali! Majibu! Kushinda!  (That was in Swahili!  That is a super cool word.  I think I will use it more often....

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