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Saturday, May 21, 2011


........Heyo Dearies, I tried to post yesterday, but then it got to late.  So I didn't.  That was a good excuse, yes?  I say yes.        ........Anyway, this is a perdy skirt I made two days ago, I was going to find my slip before I posted it, but my slip ran away... to Italy.  Instead I am just wearing shorts.  Can you tell?  I got the idea for this from making a large piece of fabric into various dresses and a nice skirt.  That is the skirt, in case you were having difficulty seeing it.  I decided that this is one of my favorite skirts.  That seems to happen a lot....  Plus, it is elastic!  So I can get all fat and junk and still fit into it! This post is messed right now!  ........Look!  I am writing "large!"  There is no size between "normal" and large... lame right?                                                           ........Back to normal, I am going to go type something now... Lates!  Tutti!!!

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