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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Sewed a Butterfly!

     Alright, you know how like a month ago I posted about sewing lessons? Yeah, well we had another today.  I taught Abby how to sew on buttons.  Then I asked her what she wanted to make.  Answer: Butterfly headband.  Incorporate buttons and you get a butterfly clip with buttons instead of a head.  It ended up pretty attractive.  A lot more attractive then I originally thought actually... I might just have to make one. A much smaller one though, because, as we all know, I am not flashy.  Just joking.  I am extraordinarily flashy.  I try very hard to do that.  Just joking.  I hardly try at all, it just happens.  
     Anywho, I was thinking that I would make a nice white skirt.  With, like, eyelets and lacy stuff and whatnot.  To bad I am totally broke... my birthday is soon though.  So I will make it eventually.  So... I gotta go, so lates, see ya, bye, Mi Rámánvarrott Pillangó!

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