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Monday, June 13, 2011

My Family Reunion!

     Alright, I don't know how many of you guys read that last post, but here is what happened at my family reunion, we had a talent show.  My talent was sewing.  So I put on clothing I had sewn and danced around like a crazy person with my cousins. I had my parents take pictures of us... so here they are! 
     To the left, and below you will see the first outfits we wore.  They are worn by me, and my cousins Willa and Evan.  I have no idea why Evan agreed to be in my talent... none whatsoever.
     Below are the second outfits worn, only me and Willa are in that one because Evan refused to wear a skirt!  He appeared in it twice, the second time he did wear a skirt... that was contradictory, but I don't know where that picture went... never mind.  I found it.  It shall be posted below!
    Alright, here are our third and final outfits.  Willa designed her entire outfit and I helped her make it so it wouldn't fall off of her.  It ended up pretty attractive wouldn't you agree?  I would.  Because agreeing with myself is fun!
     If you can see all the way down at the bottom of these two pictures there is another picture, this one is of Evan in his beautiful dress, recovering from his theatrical fall.  He is surprisingly talented at falling theatrically!  Now scroll down... down... down! 
      Alright, right below this paragraph is a picture of two far shorter cousins all dressed up and kind of dancing with me.  They were very sad that they were not included in the "fashion show" so they dressed up slightly after we finished and danced around a little.  It was basically adorable.
      Anyway, I'm going to go watch Dark Night.  Have fun doing what you do.  שניט ווייַזן!  Love you all!


  1. You could probably be a model with that hip stance of yours.

  2. Piper was so cute up there in her sparkles and binky!

    I liked reading all the blog reviews from all those people at the top of your blog! They must be amazing people!