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Saturday, June 18, 2011


     Alrighty everybody, I took pictures of Socks.  It is actually quite difficult to take pictures of sock monkeys, in case you were wondering.  This one on the right is a nice close up of her face.  You can kind of see her belly button!  The one below is another close up of her face.  The flash is not on though, so the colors are not distorted.  The other one, the one above, is a nice full body shot.  It's so that you can actually see what she looks like!  She looks kind of dead... on another note!  Her left leg is by far my favorite leg.  Maybe even my favorite limb!


  1. Will you PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE make me one?! I've always wanted a sock monkey! I'm attempting to make a sock-octopus... it's interesting. But a sock monkey would be amazing! Could you please? A blue one?! I would seriously even pay you.

  2. OMIGOODNESS!!! I want a sock-octopus! They are fantastic! And sure, I'll make you one if you have dome stuffing. 'Cause I don't have any and it's expensive (for my current budget at least. I may be completely broke currently...)!