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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Quilting Skills

     Okay, so it just so happens that I am nearly out of fabric and entirely to poor to buy anymore!  So I am "making" my own fabric.  Making my fabric consists of cutting squares out of scraps of fabric that I have and sewing them together to make larger pieces of fabric.  Also known as: quilting.  Really cruddy quilting, but quilting nonetheless.  Yes, that word is real.  Anyway, so here is a nice picture of what I have so far.  It's pretty attractive, eh?  Hehe, I'm Canadian.  No offense to any Canadians who read this blog. Just kidding, there are no Canadians who read my blog! I don't think....  Anyway, so I am planning on making this particular piece of "quilt" into a skirt.  It is going to be a cool skirt.  I just decided.  it has been decided.... Well, today is the first official day of summer, so see ya.  Moj prošivanje vještine!  Have a good day!  Happy summer!

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