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Friday, June 24, 2011

Emma The Butcher!!!

     Alright, guess what I did?  I butchered my dress! Then I reassembled it as this beautiful skirt! I think it is quite attractive!  Anywho, I really enjoy this skirt.  I am going to wear it on Sunday, to church.  Yup.  Definitely.  
     Anyway, I am going to my friends birthday party and I did not feel like going to the store.  Why not you ask?  Well, because I am lazy and don't like actually looking around for stuff and whatnot.  So! I made a sock monkey.  Yes. That is what I did.  I actually ended up having to go to the store anyway for stuffing and socks.  So I trekked to Walmart, and found stuffing which I proceeded to carry around the store in a quest for knee socks.  News flash: Cedar Hills Walmart does not freaking carry knee socks!!!  I was so wierded out that I came home and informed my mother, she handed me some of her socks and I butchered those as well.  I seem to butcher a lot of stuff in this post.  That's why I changed the title.  Anyway, I need to go stop my brother from killing the sock monkey.  See ya, 艾瑪屠夫!  Have fun being human!

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