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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A sincere apology

     Hey hey hey! So, I am sure that you have noticed that I have not posted for some time.  For this I have a great excuse:  My computer crashed.  Yup, it is totally dead.  Made even more so by the fact that we have removed the hard drive and taken it to a guy in our ward.  I am going to start posting a lot more now though, because I looked at my stats and saw that I only got fifty views in the month of July.  That really sucks.  So I am going to try and get my audience back by beginning posting constantly again. 
     Today I do not have a picture, I'll post it tomorrow.  I can't find the USB on this stupid computer so I'll just have to get my brother to take a picture of it with his phone.  (He got his mission call by the way, he is going to The Netherlands/Belgium, Dutch speaking.  I don't understand why The Netherlands have a The in their name, but I suppose we do to so I shouldn't be whining.)  Anyway, my sister bought this totally ridiculous fabric and asked me to sew her a skirt with it.  Fact: It's GOLF fabric.  Like, it has little pictures of girls playing golf on it.  But it was a dollar a yard and who wouldn't buy something that cheap, eh?  So I'll post a picture of that on Monday and make that skirt sometime this week!
     Adios amigos.

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