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Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Girl!

     Hey folks, I am dearly sorry but this stupid freaking computer is the slowest, most messed up thing in the world and I hate it. And I have been quite busy lately because my sister was visiting and it was my birthday on Tuesday and whatnot.  But anyway, I am here now and I am trying to upload pictures but, once again, this computer sucks.  

     So I made my sister the golf skirt and it was extremely stupid.  basically everything that could go wrong did go wrong and I hated making it super bad.  However, it did turn out pretty cute.  You can hardly even see my mistakes - slash - the idiocy of this particular skirt.
     In other news, I got six yards of fabric for my birthday.  For from my sister and her husband and two from my brother.  This means that at least on skirt is in my future.  Other then that I have not quite decided what to do yet.  I was thinking about making a vest or something, but I am not quite sure how attractive that would look with the fabric I have at my disposal at present.  (There is a picture of it right there, in case you couldn't quite figure it out on your own.  

     Another bit of information: I was watching AFV on Sunday and there was a girl wearing the cutest skirt ever! It made me want one super bad.  So I am going to make one like it and then post about it, you know, how I usually do and stuff....

     Well, I am now going to go do something other then this.  Have fun doing whatever you do!

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