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Friday, October 18, 2013

Like, a whole entire yeearrr...

     Hey team!  So, I haven't written in like... A year. So, that's pretty lame of me.  I suck.  But, here are some of the highlights of my life since I last wrote!
      I dyed my hair blue... This was mainly because I was too lazy to buy real hair dye (which I desperately needed), and I had some blue in my bathroom, but it was still freaking awesome.

After a while, I finally did dye my hair, black, for my Halloween costume.  I was a devil.  Pretty fitting, eh?  Then I started growing it out... I also found the picture on the right on my phone, and I decided it was super hot and I needed to share it.
I also decided I'm really into... Pyrotechnics...
I also figured out how to take pretty radical selfies.  Something about them is just so fun...
Then I got rejected from BYU, no fun pictures here... because it wasn't fun.
Then I... Got asked to Prom!  So what did I decide to do?  Well, Duck Tape.  Obviously.

     These are progressive pictures of my dress, I had to take a picture of it every time I left my house because people would ask me about it constantly!  Originally, that first stage was on me... we literally taped it onto me.  That was awful.  I couldn't breath or move... It was such an exciting time...
     In order to make my shoes, I had to tape them onto my feet... I love not being able to move my feet.
     We started working on his tux, and then ran out of duck tape.  So we went and got some more, but as it turns out, Duck Tape makes two different colors of navy blue tape.  So we had to rip the entire thing apart and redo it two or three days before prom.  That was extremely stressful, but luckily I did have a back up dress if it was necessary.  It wasn't, but it was a really nice little stress reliever.
     Here's his vest and half finished ( the part we ripped out) jacket.  I'm really proud of that vest.  It was awesome.
I made some pretty gigantic bow earrings. Those were exciting... They never really stayed horizontal though...
   Here I am, the day before prom, in a dress that is taped onto me, and strapless, but that's okay, because my shoes are finished, and that's all that really matters anyway, eh?
     And here it is, after midnight the night before prom, a nearly completed tux.  Nearly.
But never fear!  We somehow pulled it off!  Prom day, about two minutes before he got to my house, We finally got everything done!
 We even made Duck Tape flowers!
 It was really windy...
 Here are our lovely shoes!  You can also see the stripe down his pants, it was ridiculous trying to get that straight.  Just by the way.
 And here's the back!  I had to hand sew that zipper in.  THREE. FREAKING. HOURS.  It was death.
But all was worth it when we discovered someone who neither of us knows tweeted us.  That was awesome.
After prom, me and Rain (my date, and my boyfriend), who had just put his mission papers in, decided to go to his church... In our Duck Tape... He got in some trouble about it (his stake president kinda hates his family... They're interesting people... Very interesting...), and had his mission papers delayed for a couple weeks.  Anyway, he was driving me home after church, and he was wearing a shirt with cuff links, and I was like, oh my gosh, I love cuff links.  Every shirt should have cuff links! 
He started laughing so hard he cried (he is crying in that picture), as it turned out, he was thinking about t shirts, and wife beaters with cuff links.  And that made him cry.
After Prom I learned how to tie a noose.  I taught myself during Young Women's, and then practiced in physics, I got pretty good!
And then, in mid May, Rain got his mission call!  He got called to the Liberia Monrovia mission, it is a small country in West Africa.  The president is a super rad woman named Ellen, and it is one of the three countries in the world that still uses the metric system.  Woot woot!
 Then I graduated from High School.  That was legit.  After that I proceeded to shave half my head.
 Then I started working at an elementary school in the mornings.  One day me and some coworkers found a parachute and became mermaid burritos.
And made a tent.
I got another job too, at Forever Young Shoes where I currently am an assistant manager, but phones aren't allowed there, so I don't have any sweet selfies.
Then, a week before BYU started, I got accepted.  So, I had to cut off the other half of my hair so that I could have the "conservative" haircut that the honor code requires.
Then I dyed my mouth blue accidentally while eating cotton candy.
Then I found out that four player chess is a thing.  FOUR PLAYER CHESS.  Me and Rain played with his little brother, Ryatt/Riot, no one was white.  Because white people suck.
While I was going working and starting school, Rain was getting ready for his mission.  This is from right before he got his missionary haircut... It looks better long.  So much better.
Morning he left his mom sent me this picture, I made him that shirt with freezer paper and acrylics.  "Hello Sweetie" is a Doctor Who reference... By the way...
Then he flew away to the MTC in Accra, Ghana, where he stayed for twelve days before heading to Liberia.  Today is his month mark, last week he baptized someone, and he's getting used to the food.  He started eating the fish bones recently, which is an African thing to do...
This picture of me is dang cute.
I made this shirt in honor of Rain's mission, it's the Liberian flag, though it is often mistaken for an American flag... They are similar... Not the same.

I made these Star Wars / C3PO shoes!

I love them and they are fantastic.

However, the first day I wore them I discovered my car has a major oil leak... Like, when we checked it it was completely and totally empty major.  Also, I didn't have any oil in the car... Luckily for us, there was a very nice scary looking hooligan man in the mall parking lot with us who lent us a quart of oil, in exchange for nothing.  he was super rad... Slash pretty scary looking...
On the tongues the R2D2 one says "a long, long time ago..." and the C3PO one has a rebel symbol!
In other news, my brother-in-law, Cory, has taken to sending me strange pictures... Here is one of them... I don't know what it means...
 Also, said brother-in-law is now a daddy!  This is my niece Penny, she has a lot of hair, her hands are really big, and I'm going to meet her next week!  I am very excited!
And here's little Penelope sleeping...
 And... I was having a really good hair moment.  So I took some selfies...
I make super hot faces.  Always.
Actually... I am just a babe.  Yeah... I'm gorgeous.
And totally modest.
Not boastful at all.
And I have written enough for today.
I'll write more later.
I accidentally made a Chargers scarf.
But it's not quite finished...
I'll write about it when I have time...
I love you all!

Emma Rose!
The pretty one.

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