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Monday, September 5, 2011


     Alright, so I decided to make a ruffly skirt.  Then I realized I don't like making ruffles, but it's alright because I was already almost done by then.  So I made this beautiful ruffly skirt last week then wore it to church and decided that it is not very good lounge - wear. 
     I am also in the middle of making a button - up skirt, it is a button up shirt with the top cut off, I am working on making it fit me and be long enough and stuff right now.  Anyway, if you can't tell from the picture it is extremely unfinished.  But that is what the fabric looks like, so you get a rough idea of what it will look like when it is finished. 

     So my sisters sister - in - law told her about this way to do the top of this dress, (you know how the top is all elastic-y and stuff) and I really want to try it, so I might just do that. 
    Anywho, I need to go take a shower, so love you all.  I will try to write more this week.  Have a good day, stay excellent, have fun storming the castle (wow! Three references in one sentence.  That is probably a record.)

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  1. I wish you fell in teh shower and cut yourslef, you WHORE!!!!!!!!